Christine Miller

Secret Garden of the Soul

Secret Garden of the Soul

This moving collection of poetry reflects an awakening of consciousness, and the liberation of a voice which has for many years been reluctant to publicly express its inner wisdom.

The poems are an invitation to journey through the Secret Garden of a Soul; a soul in the process of re-membering its essence and reconnecting to its authentic, joyful self.

The intention is that through reading the poems, you will find a meaning unique to your life, so that you, too, may be led to a place of inner peace and joy, a private place where your soul can dwell unfettered by mundane concerns.

“I have just read your poems; they are very beautiful and soulful. Those poems would touch the minds and hearts of many people. You truly have the ability through your writing to touch people’s souls, Christine, and your voice is so needed in the world right now, your inner wisdom is bursting to come forth.”
Molly Harvey, The Soul Woman, Author/International Speaker, Former President and Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association


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About the Poet

Christine Miller is dedicated to helping others uncover and fulfil their true potential. She is a poet, author, consultant and speaker at many conferences.

As the visionary Founder Editor of ReSource Magazine, established in 2004, she is privileged to share thoughts and ideas with many world leaders in the fields of spirituality and personal and business growth.

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