For Fathers

A few years ago around Valentine’s Day, I was invited by the shopping channel QVC UK to be their resident poet and take part in a ‘Love Letters’ project to encourage people to write romantic, appreciative  verses and letters to their loved ones, expressing gratitude for their presence and the joy they bring to life. It was a wonderful experience, producing over 100 poems in two days, and this one written for a much-adored father seems very fitting for Father’s Day.

With Love and Appreciation to all fathers, everywhere.

For Fathers

Full of love,
Strong, courageous,
A father’s wisdom,
Your lifetime gift,
A priceless gem,

Source of wonder,
Giver of life,
Embracing with warmth,

 I am grateful,
For your care,
Your gentleness,
Your being and heart,
For My Life

Christine Miller


  1. This is just beautiful. I am inspired to write a poem about my own father and give it to him. I know he would love something like this. Thank you

  2. Thank you Lindsay, I really appreciate your words. My own father is no longer in this world, and I do think of him lovingly, especially at these times.

    Please do share with the father of your ‘Hyderabad’ family, I hope the poem brings joy and comfort, and I wish you all great pleasure.

    Also I am very moved by what you say about my talent, thank you,

  3. Hi darling,
    although my father is no longer wth me, nor the father of my children ,the words are so true and wish them a Happy Father’s Day in loving memory.
    Will give this to my ‘Hyderabad’ family’s father as he, although I am too old to be his daughter,is the head of the family and the father figure and I shall love sharing these wonderful words with him, thank you so much for sharing you really are so incredibly talented. L xx

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