Year of Love and Light

Year of Love and Light

Having embraced and been embraced by innumerable different experiences in recent years, I know I am not alone in describing 2018 as a year of reflection and withdrawal, a time of letting go and welcoming, of opening and accepting. A year of travelling and finding, and staying home and re-discovering – of diverse and wondrous people, places, and events, and of deep learning and a resultant sense of stillness, readiness and calm.

I am constantly amazed by the way in which people, ideas, and possibilities arrive – perfectly on cue, bestowing gifts of immense beauty and joy; and how the riches of my interior world shine like jewels. I have taken time this year to gather and gaze on my inner resources, realising ever more how vital it is for us to recognise and reflect on our gifts and talents, and release them to the world for greater good.

I sense that 2019 is about to be a year of great actions and emergence, of being and essence. And of Love.

I invite you to join with me, in spirit, around the image and memory of our symbolic Festive tree, and begin to share what I passionately believe is beginning, right now. 

A Year of Love & Light

We Welcome You,
In Love,
With Love,

We welcome you.
With Heart,
And with Soul.

We welcome you.
From Within.

We welcome you.
With Faith,
In Hope,

We welcome you.
As Truth,
Bright Peace,
For All Souls.

With Love,


For Your Seasonal Gift of Soul Poetry Click HERE

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